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About the Program

The Scholars Program is for St. Luke's seniors eager to forge their own paths. After identifying a field or topic that fascinates and inspires them, students apply to the relevant Scholars program. If selected, each student then begins a deep dive into their chosen area of study - very much the equivalent of college-level work - that includes extensive independent research, consultations with faculty mentors, and, ultimately, a formal presentation of findings during St. Luke's Annual Scholar's Symposium. Many Scholars continue their research after their presentation. 

You may view students' presentations and read more about the Scholars program, "the highest form of independent scholarship here on the St. Luke’s Hilltop," further down this page and in these stories from 2021 and 2020.

Global Scholars

Seniors selected as Global Scholars complete in-depth analysis of a global issue, extensive language study, and an interdisciplinary capstone project.

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  • 2022 Global Scholars List

    Sloan Barker

    Planting a Seed: Environmental Initiatives and ESGs

    Aarit Bhatnagar
    “A Smooth Sea Never Made a Skilled Sailor”: The Crisis of Maritime Piracy in West Africa and Southeast Asia

    Andrea DiTeodoro
    The Game Plan: Examining Nationalism, Unity, and Pride Through Sports

    Madden Hart
    A Lost Hope: Civil Liberties in Russia

    Harrison Lambeth
    The Largest Humanitarian Crisis in the Americas: Venezuela's Economic Collapse

    Keilan Rosow
    Privacy or Protection? The Legal and Ethical Implications of Surveillance Technologies

    Will Stamoulis
    Understanding the Inevitable: The Implications of a United Ireland in the Wake of Brexit

    Alexandra Winham
    Don't Be a Victim: The Impending Crisis of Cybercrime

Literary Scholars

The Literary Scholars Program is a humanities-based intensive course of study that focuses on literary research, analysis, and interpretation.

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  • 2022 Literary Scholar List

    Karey Balkind
    The Myth Obscures the Man: Hemingway's Struggle with Masculine Identity

    Liz Fleischer
    The Demolition of Truth: Dystopian Fantasy or Our Reality?

    Emilia von-Lilien Brockmeyer
    The Victorian Woman: Misunderstood Maidens

STEM Scholars

The STEM curriculum includes the study of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Students complete a set of core courses and a year-long research project in an approved field of study.

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  • 2022 STEM Scholars List

    Colt Alford

    Club Soda on the Rocks: A Study of Carbon Mineralization

    Sophie Blomberg
    Statistical Analysis of Placebo Effect of Pre-Workout in Athletic Performance

    Sarah Case & Kate Ellis
    An Investigation of Oil Spill Mitigation Using Fatty Acids as Chemical Herders

    Daniel Clavelli & Henry Robb
    The Effectiveness of the Minimax Algorithm in Board Game AI

    Connor Cummings, Fritz Laibe, & Michael Riley
    Tracking Proximity By Using a Network of Wearable Sensors

    Maddie Fredericks
    Building a Sustainable Future: Creating Construction Materials from Garbage

    Sam Heine
    Sensor System for Basketball Through Laser and Ultrasonic Sensors

    Finn Regan
    Just Keep Swimming: Preventing Shoulder Injuries in Athletes

    Matthew Sherter
    Bringing Prep Sports to Vegas: A Statistical Analysis of Boys and Girls High School Basketball

    Will Winalski
    Different Presidential Administrations' Effects on the Renewable Energy Industry Versus the Oil Industry

Classical Scholars

Participants in the Classical Scholars Program undertake an enriched study of Latin and Greek. A senior-year research project, including classical humanities, completes the curriculum.

There are no Classical Scholars in 2022.

Cum Laude Society National Winners

St. Luke's Scholars have won three National Cum Laude awards for their work (three out of three entries) and each participant receives an honors distinction at St. Luke's graduation. This top honor is given to only one or two students nationwide.

Carolina Warneryd '19 was the winner for her STEM paper, "Engineering a Sanitation Solution for the Guatemala City Dump."

Amelia Wyckoff '18 was the winner for her Classical Scholars paper, "Villain or Victim: Sexuality, Gender, and Female Agency in Medea."

Sebastian Bates '14 won the award for his Classical Scholars essay, "A Wolf Among Many Hounds: Poetry, Politics, and Reform in Solon's Athens," which was published in the Concord Review.

Presentations from Previous Years

2021 Scholars' Presentations
2020 Scholars' Presentations
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